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Here are some quotes from an M3 Forum member that recently installed their mounts:

Originally Posted by cyberlando View Post
SOOOO i have these mounts finally installed!
and i must sayy they are soo comfortable bit stiff at the same time i cant even give a comparison! they feel even better and more comfortable than new OEM bushing*IMHO*
also did my tranny fluid today! oem LT2 fluid.

the labor as far as putting mounts in was theeee worst for the passenger side! ill never DIY motor mounts again....did it before on my 330 its definetlya pain!
the full job took soo long i even broke my overflow line for my expansion tank! its soo cheap and horribly made! had to rig something up until i can buy a new one!
i did have to remove my sways.
Originally Posted by cyberlando View Post
the mounts are wonderful beyond words once you get it in and go for a spirited drive around your towns, lonely country roads!
Originally Posted by cyberlando View Post
NCH compared to stock you may think im joking but its has less steering wheel vibrations and overall vibrations over the whole car! these mounts are a engineering masterpiece!
the response is amazing drivetrain play almost non existant.....still have that damn M clunk but drive train is solid now!
and my OEM mounts werent shot to crap either!
Originally Posted by cyberlando View Post
and as for my sway bars and coilovers!

yeaaa i lifted my car straight up almost off the lift! if you have after market bars thicker? there gonna need to come off:thumbsup2:

did the driver side with the bar on barely and the passenger just wasnt gonna happen! took the bar off and like 3 hours later it was in!

idk why but my motor had almost noo leeway....process was just a PITA total tim was about 8 hours.

and im very great mechanically! so its not that at all.....if you have a losee motor your gooddd

OVERAL:i could not imagine me going another route!

the next test is how long they will last!
They are starting to get their mounts over there! I'll let you guys know what others think of them. That's two people that rave about the mounts, maybe I'll have to cash in some favors to get these while they are on sale.