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I ordered road version.

I asked them about transmission mounts and this is what they had to say:

The gearbox mount is a problem (challenge). Simple solutions don't work, as you have pointed out. What we would rather do is to make a complete crossmember with the insulator built in (we have done a similar thing with a product for the Nissan 240Z). That way we can get the characteristics we would like. Its one for next year and we would need access to a car and some parts so maybe this is one to do with the forum as you have UK members on there. If there is sufficient interest we will do it.
So beedub there might be hope for you. Maybe you can guinea pig this and they'll give you a discount on both sets of mounts for helping them out. Wonder how many people would be in for a complete crossmember, I know I would in a heartbeat. Would make the car close to perfect if we got rid of all the shifting issues.