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Originally Posted by DanFromTucson View Post
Wow! I just asked the question since this was billed as a cheaper alternative to the old group buy, but it seemed the prices increased. I even asked to be corrected if I was misinterpreting things.

Now you have certainly lost a customer.
interestly..... with a conversation with SS they also told me prices are going to increase substantially due to the HJS cats about to skyrocket, they raw material used will be going up substantially in the new year according to converation i had...

incidently, i see that makes no bearing here, DKF can only post the info and see if anyone is interested, if they are, they are....... if not then also fair enough. I didnt look back at the old prices so i wasnt aware how much cheaper if at all, BUT comparing to what i was going to be paying SS, i felt id rather spend it with DKf....

Dan..... Dont be put off, at least stay and contribute to the thread.

What would people ~LIKE~ to see pricewise??
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