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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
yes... well that says it all then... doesn't it.

Some commercial chitchat is the perfect reason not to use your brains.....

Strange that the manufacturer website states something different:

"Projection of engine power according to DIN 70020, EEC 80/1269,ISO 1585,JIS D 1001,SAE J 1349 (optional)"

At least they're a bit more precautious with their statements.

Anyway, the 71kW drivetrain loss seems a bit exaggerated to me.
A lot of small cars don't even produce that amount of power.
Seems like this guys disagrees:
Dear Sir,

what these people say is not correct, because we do not calculate the wheel power and the losses. We measure the wheel power and the losses. The strain gauge is detecting the force for the wheel power, and when we reach the max. rpm from the car, than we do the roll out and here we measure the losses from the car. Then we add these results and get therefore the engine power. On our dyno it is possible to measure in each gear, because the result for the engine power is the same. Try to do a power measurement in the fourth gear and in the fifth gear and you will see that the result is the same. The difference is, that the values for the wheel power and the drag power are different. And this is right, because it cannot be that you get the same wheel power and the same drag power (losses) in different gears. I hope I could answer your asks to your contentment.

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