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VF570 installed

I recieved my VF570 in the mail last thursday and decide to begin tearing down the car that night. I worked for the next week when my schedule allowed and basically finished on the following thursday; with the exception of the FPR (which I'm still awaiting direction). My ECU should arrive next week along with a flash cable built for our ECU; at that point I'll finally get to start it up.

The install had some fairly time consuming tasks just due to the nature of the Z4. For example, putting the lower SC bracket bolt in requires tilting the motor or pulling the front subframs; I chose to pull the front subframe. Also, the tolerances for the manifold are so tight that it was a two person job to get all the throttle bodies, BPV, and SC lined up at the same time. Though I shouldn't complain about it fitting too good. The intake pipe for the SC and running the filter hose was also very tight, but fits perfect. The part I put off till last was fitting the air to water intercooling system as I didn't think it would all fit on the Z4. After adjusting the oil cooler lines and trimming a few plastic bits, I found the perfect spot for the new radiator (for the air to water system) while maintaining the original spot of the oil cooler. Moving the oil cooler lines also gave way for the reservior to be tucked just a little bit higher and fit under the stock underpanel. Just like the parts up top, it's a very tight fit, but it fits. Everything else on the kit was straight forward, and having done an SC on a previous BMW, pretty familiar too.

I took a couple pics just because it looks so good:

DSC_0877 by M detaR, on Flickr

DSC_0878 by M detaR, on Flickr

A further review of the kit as well as many more pics (and possibly videos) will be coming in the next week.

Thanks for looking.

Updates added:

Quick video of the exhaust:


Z4M VF570 Dyno by M detaR, on Flickr

Dyno vs. stock:

Z4M VF570 DynoComp by M detaR, on Flickr

Shut it down early cause it was running a little lean (VF and I will have to work on that). Very happy with the result though.

Graph with boost:

Z4M VF570 DynoBoost by M detaR, on Flickr

Video of dyno run:

Update 5/26/13; AFR datalog:

Z4MrevAFR by M detaR, on Flickr

Also, the kit has ~6000 miles on it and is running great!

Update 8/13/2013; dyno:

Went to the dyno again today. Got the same peak whp and 10 more peak wtq; though the mid range gains were great. Almost 30 more whp and 20 more wtq at some points. the kit has about 7250 miles on it and still runs amazing!

Old run (run 2) vs current (run 5 and 6):

Z4Mdyno8_13_2013 by M detaR, on Flickr

Old AFR (run 2) vs current (run 5 and 6):

Z4Mdyno8_13_2013_AFR by M detaR, on Flickr

Video of last run:

Update 12/11/2013; 0-60:

Thought I would update on how the car is running; have just under 10k miles on the kit and still no problems at all. Still runs amazing and still puts a smile on my face every day! Unrelated to the SC kit though, I just replaced my Vanos bolts (4 out of 6 intake bolts were sheared off); much quieter now.

Also, here's a video of my P3cars gauge 0-60:


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