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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve View Post
Thanks for posting.

As a general rule you never ever use run 1 no matter how good or bad it is either standard or tuned.
Especially on tuned actually because the power is usually way higher than it should be.

You would need to compare runs 2 to the 2nd or 3rd tuned.

Also, I have looked at the correction factor and the SAE is a little OTT just because of 20degF and the baro pressure is lower on the cooler day.

Under these types of conditions uncorrected tells you a better story.

The gain is very much what it should be in power.

Notice that the AFR is the same at high rpm on both tuned and stock.

These are running very rich. I cannot mate up your screen name to your real name - please remind me if you still have CAT's in the headers.

Hey Sal,
Thanks a lot for looking at these. I still have stock headers and cats but catless headers are on order and I plan to purchase a new catless header tune once they get installed. Even though the top end is funky on my OEM tune, I can see that your tune is making more power across the whole rev range so I'm happy. If you think there's anything that can be done to see even better gains, let me know, I'm happy to experiment.

On a side note, I'm also making about 1/2mpg better mileage according to the OBC and things do seem smoother since the tune.