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Originally Posted by ajw45 View Post
Finally got the dyno done post tune:
- Stock 07 z4m ~ 55k miles
- Same dyno for both runs
- Dyno conditions were hot and humid for the stock run, cool and damp for the post tune run
- About 500 miles of adaptation time with no service, oil changes, etc.

It's hard to make an apples to apples comparison since the stock tune seemed to be pulling timing/dumping fuel at high rpm but it looks like the tune gains a few rwhp and rwtq across the range.
Thanks for posting.

As a general rule you never ever use run 1 no matter how good or bad it is either standard or tuned.
Especially on tuned actually because the power is usually way higher than it should be.

You would need to compare runs 2 to the 2nd or 3rd tuned.

Also, I have looked at the correction factor and the SAE is a little OTT just because of 20degF and the baro pressure is lower on the cooler day.

Under these types of conditions uncorrected tells you a better story.

The gain is very much what it should be in power.

Notice that the AFR is the same at high rpm on both tuned and stock.

These are running very rich. I cannot mate up your screen name to your real name - please remind me if you still have CAT's in the headers.