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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
3 Evolve tunes. 3 running too rich. Looks like Evolve didn't get it right. Can't compare tuning an E46 to these cars in any way
If there is a problem with these tunes then we will fix this.

We have never failed at what we do.

I am looking at these cases and going to study the DRF files.

There is a massive inconsistency between the tuning we have been doing for a long time on these DME's in the USA and now.

It doesn't matter what it takes, will find the issue.

There are far more maps in the MSS70 than the MSS54 with respect to ignition timing vs temperature and vans timing vs temperature.

If the temperature remains too cool a different vanos profile is taken.

What's interesting is that the fuelling is changing so much pre and post tune where the fuelling has not been changed that much!

Rest assured, already working on this. We will find the issue with these cases first and if a small issue is found then everyone will be updated.