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Aftermarket unit?

What kind of stereo is that? Can they all read iphone 5?

Thanks! clean set up.

Originally Posted by gspannu View Post
I have managed to get a DIY cradle for the new iPhone 5 that sits in the central console and fits the new iPhone 5 perfectly (with a case).

I had the iPhone4S cradle and was very disappointed that BMW have not yet made a iPhone5 cradle and it seems we cannot expect one at least for 6 months.

So, I set upon making one myself - not exactly a cradle but something to hold the phone and connect to the USB cable without having to fiddle with the tiny lightning connector and slot it each time.

Items used:
1. Base plate of the Cradle (blanking plate)
2. Original Apple USB to Lightning cable
3. Filing tools
4. Hot Glue
5. A bit of time...

I have used the original USB to Lightning cable for the connection and this provides all features except iPod Out functionality and antennae connectivity.

The cynics amongst you might say that one can just use the cable in the USB slot and get the same functionality. Technically you are correct - but what I wanted
- the convenience of just placing my iPhone5 and sliding it into the slot (almost like a cradle)
- not having to fiddle with the lightning connector each time (trying to fit in the iPhone)
- a more aesthetically pleasing solution

Photos attached should make it clear as to what I have done.

Happy to field any questions..

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