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Some questions about tires from a clueless person

I sincerely apologize for having such uninformed questions. But please bear with me.

1) Do I have to have Summer Tires, High-Performance tires, or any sports car tire? My priorities are low noise, as smooth a ride as possible, and tread life.

My parents bought me a 1998 z3 in college and now I can just barely afford my own car so about a year ago I bought a 2008 z4. I love the Z series purely for their design aesthetic and the top-lessness.

I do not love them because of their handling or zippiness. Well, I do. But those great factors are not the deciding factors for me.

Would it be noticeable/bad/un-heard-of for me to use a touring tire or something that gets 60k mile tread?

2) I have serious brake dust issues on the front two tires. I heard that in order to get new brake pads, I must take my car to BMW (it's still under CPO warrant) and have all of the brakes completely replaced for ~$1,000. Why can't I just get new ceramic brake pads? Or, can I?

Thanks for enduring my questions.