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Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
The transmission are Inspection II, at least that's what the the 8/07 BMW schedule indicates. But it will be interesting to see if the earlier schedule says otherwise!

If your earlier version says Inspection I includes diff/transmission fluids, then I'd suspect the later schedule has some "cost cutting measures" included as a way to reduce BMW's costs associated with the service plan that came with the US cars. Same way as the annual oil change was changed during the life of the service plan, and the way brake rotors could be out of spec but as long as pads were over X% left they wouldn't swap out rotors.

Of Course there's been a whole lot of discussion over change intervals for fluids. Personally, I'm in for 30K changes on diff and transmission, with more frequent intervals if you take the car to the track (same applies to oil, and obviously brake fluid). IMO "recommended" isn't the same as "optimal", especially if you want to keep the car trouble free as long as possible. But, intervals are always a subject of much debate.
Schedule is the same. The one I have is the 2006 3 series (E46), Z4 checklist. Ron posted it years back and I printed it. I must have done all the fluids based on the recommendations of the many that track their cars.
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