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Originally Posted by Brooke15 View Post
Hay bro

Brooke here fro NY
I am interested in it. but i am not sure about this type of shopping because I don't have a good experience before. I am also doubtful about the wheels. I have see more offers on other websites and they have more information about them. So I request you to post some more information about wheels like there original pictures and other things.

I hope you will understand what i want.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Hi Brooke! Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience before. I'll post some pics of the actual wheels for you shortly. I'm not sure what other information about the wheels you are looking for. If you could elaborate that would be great.

Originally Posted by itdnwiwbp View Post
Brooke, I've done business with l4zy before. Great guy, honest and easy to work with. Don't let your previous experience prevent you from getting these wheels!
Good lookin' out Tony The splitter and the rest of the stuff will be off the car soon. I'll hit you up