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Inspection 1:
1) Change oil
2) Adjust valves

Inspection 2:
1) Change oil
2) Adjust valves
3) Change everything else

Where everything else includes, but is not limited to:
1) Diff oil
2) Trans oil
3) Brake fluid
4) Plugs
5) Belts as needed

1) I choose to change plugs every time I do a valve adjustment. What the heck, I already have them out.
2) BMW says to change the brake fluid, but can Motul 600 really go bad in 60k if you don't track it? I'll drain a little next time, and if it's the same color as the stuff in the bottle, I may not mess with it.
3) BMW says nothing about coolant flush & fill, which I would think is a better idea than changing the brake fluid, so I do that, too.