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Inspection 1...does ANYONE know what they are talking about?

Ok, so my car just passed the 23,000 mile mark and I am considering doing my Inspection 1 around 25,000 miles.

I would like to have it done by the BMW Dealership rather than my independent for recording purposes as well as getting a second opinion on what the car needs, etc.

So I have talked to several service advisers. One says wait till 30,000 and it doesn't involve a valve adjustment. The other says bring it in now, and they will do the inspection but just check to see if it needs valve adjustments. The other says valve adjustments after 40,000 miles.

I mentioned the sheet from another forum that shows valve adjustments at inspection 1, none of them seemed to care.

I also follow the forums and some or maybe most get the valve adjustments done in the 20,000 mile range? Maybe some wait until the 40,000 mile range?

So what should I do?

Should I pay the extra $600 or $700 and have them do Inspection II instead of Inspection I which would cover the valve adjustments?

Should I just go by what the tech. says and have them look at it to determine if the adjustment is necessary?

Should I just do Inspection I and forget about the adjustment until 40,000?

There just seems to be so many opinions and situations I really can't determine what the consensus is!