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Originally Posted by Rated M Roadster View Post
This is a steal!!

My god, it's not that hard.

I hope you didn't have too much trouble cutting those off in 30 seconds with a dremel...
your lack of brain cells failed compute what i was getting @..... i wont spell it out for you, you completely missed the point.

as you dont have a supercharger how can you comment on wether its hard to fit or not??? what a dumbass thing to say.... you only have to look at what happens when things are off (iphone 's car) were taking thousands to put that car right in the end..... ess has the stage 2 +kits STOPPED for home installs, they will only be sold through shops to install.... ever wonder why?? must be really easy right??

now instead of being sarcastic about things you know nothing about... how about taking said dremel to your rear fenders that rub on anything over 30mph????

End of the story is..... these kits are not easy to get right (talk to chris, iphone, tom, whoever and they'll tel you the same).... this car is a great buy, looks great with all the right bits!!! To get a sorted example, a this price in this condition, is a rare buy!! someones really going to get a steal...
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