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Originally Posted by Eddy@ApexRaceParts View Post
18x10's do not fit up front. You could fit 18x9.5" ET35 up front but camber plates will be required as even 245 tires will need 2.5 degrees~. 265's would need even more.

I would like to upgrade to this new set of Apex wheels and want to achieve your setup of 265/35 on 18x9.5 et35 in the front.
I would like to know the front ride height setting (measured from bottom rim to fender line) and spacer size. Please advise

You said it fits Pilot sport cup 265/35/18 (which has section width of 10.9", diameter of 25.2"). I want to do sanity check whether it will rub on my track application.

Currently, with either Nitto NT01 or Star Spec 245/40 tires (which has section width 9.8", diameter of 25.7") on 18x8.5" et 38 with front ride height set at 23.5" , -3.5 degree camber on KW Clubsport. It rubs the inner fender liner under extreme compression (coming down from a banked curve at >90mph, on race track) .

In prior experiment, I tried increasing the vertical clearance by using smaller diameter tire, so I tried mounting Hoosier 255/35 (section width of 10.8" [as wide as your 265/35], diameter of 25.1"). The 18x8.5 ET 38 offset is too high such that the tire sidewall is touching the KW shock perch.
The Apex 18x9.5 ET 35 could provide extra 3mm + spacer width (if used) inner clearance to the shock perch (relative to my current ET 38) so it may clear the KW shock perch.

However the 265/35 tire section width is 1" wider than the rubbing 245/40. So the 265/35 tire will stick out at least 0.5" + (spacer width) more than 245/40. If my front suspension compresses as far as it did with current 245/40 , it would rub at location 0.5" + (spacer width) further out which may be hitting the fender itself or the front bumper connection to the fender (see the picture). While the 265/35 diameter provides extra 0.25" vertical clearance, the possible contact/rub point has moved to the fender itself which is closer to the tire than the plastic fender liner.

Therefore, before I get the Apex wheels, I would like to understand the front ride height, spacer and front spring rate settings that allows 265/35 to fit in the front with no rubbing.

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