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Originally Posted by Bammered View Post
Yeah the rear I'm not concerned with as I'm fine with the 275 19's....up front I run -3 degrees so that should help.

I was just thinking about what I could be giving up by trying to stuff the 265 up front. I guess more tramline? I am just enticed by the idea of being able to swap tires( not rims) front to back.
If you would like to run a square combination the care will behave a lot more neutrally in that it will understeer much less. The -3 degrees of camber that you currently run definitely helps the performance of the car and aids in fitting the 265/35/18 tire and 18x9.5" ET35 wheel up front. You could run a 12-15mm spacer in the rear with an 18x9.5" ET35 to have approximately the same fitment against the fender as an 18x9.5" ET22. It is possible that you may experience more tram lining but the performance benefit will far outweigh any small stretch of road with inconsistencies that would cause tram lining.