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Originally Posted by beta View Post
I've always wanted the CSL growl.

I wouldn't be able to budget this in for another 6 months, but count me as a definite YES as long as there are no permanent modifications to the car. Don't plan on selling the car ever, but being able to bring it back to stock in case I have to is a consideration.
There would be no permanent modifications. Would be 100% reversible.

Originally Posted by nobrakese28 View Post
I use to work in Aerospace composites, I can say that piece is a beauty. Extremely tricky geometry. 4200 is pretty expensive, but that would be a wicked option. What are the gains (hp,tq)?
Thanks for the compliment. We went out to make the best we could! On a stock car with the tune and the airbox 20-25 WHP.

Originally Posted by gferil View Post
That looks beautiful. I could be in depending on gains and what beta said regarding no permanent modifications. If we already have the Evolve tune on our cars, is there a bit more of a price break?
Yes we can work something out for existing Evolve tune customers.

Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
Wow sexy bit O kit there !

Originally Posted by seank View Post
Including the tune? Is that with an Alpha n or a tune to the ecu using the stock system.
Yes price is including the Alpha N tune carried out on the stock ECU.

Originally Posted by asirvr4 View Post
i agree..

looks interesting though.. hope it includes everything u need to get it running perfectly...
Sure does. We have successfully upgraded over 30 E46 M3's in the USA with this package.

Originally Posted by E82tt6 View Post
Definitely a beautiful piece. I think you'd like get quite a few bites if it were in the 3-3.5k with tune range, but 4200 (especially if that doesn't include tuning) for 15-20hp and some beautiful noise is, in my opinion, a bit hard to swallow when a SC setup isn't that much more, and offers more than 10x the power gain.

I think there'd probably be some market for folks that really wanted to stay NA, and really wanted the wonderful induction noise. Personally, I'd find nearly 5 grand with a tune rather difficult to swallow, though hobbyists of greater means that really didn't want to go the FI route might not feel the same way.
It includes the tune.

Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
imran.... gorgeous piece!!! wow!! literally blew my mind seeing that!!
Thanks Byron!

Originally Posted by GammaZeta View Post
Personally, I think you would sell a lot more if you used plastic to reduce the price instead of carbon fiber. It looks amazing but that's all the carbon fiber is there for...looks.
Plastic would not have the harmonics that CF does so would defeat the object of having this product.