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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
If you do not have a BBK, and your lower spring perch is above the tire (stock style struts, or proper coilover setup) then no spacer is needed up front.
I hear you but most coilover kits will have the perch placed by the tire and would rather not have to deal with purchasing a shorter spring.

Originally Posted by colatkitty View Post
You read correctly. I now have 2 mm clearance with the 12 mm spacers.

Sorry I forgot to clarify, but I am using shims on my strut bolts to gain the additional camber instead of using camber plates up top. The shims effectively moved the top of my wheel/tire closer to the strut/spring perch, thus the need for the spacers.
Ah that explains it. I knew there was a chance of needing a spacer if running a coilover kit but 10 seemed a bit high. I wonder if someone was using normal camber plates, what the clearance would then be.