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Originally Posted by v3.2mc View Post
maybe it's the angle of the pics and the optical illusion of 17" wheels on the car, but some of your pics look like your running a hefty amount of positive caster up front...

are you having any issues with rubbing? or is the caster allowing the wheel/tire to "lay over" more than normal to prevent that?

also, if you are using increased pos caster, how is that effecting turn-in response?

curious me!
I didn't have my caster checked during my alignment, and I didn't intentionally increase it for any reason, so I think they should be close to stock. I haven't got the chance to track these yet, so not sure if there will be any rubbing issues up front. My front fenders were already rolled and front bumper tabs slightly trimmed.

Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post
Curious, any idea how big of a spacer you would've had to run up front if you did NOT have the bbk? Just trying to get an idea on what the min spacer is to clear the perch?

Also which coilovers are you running?
My spacers are mainly to clear the tires from the spring perch. As of now, I have maybe 2 mm clearance between the tire and the perch. Although if I get shorter springs to raise the perch above the tires, then I can do with maybe a 5 mm spacer to clear the BBK.

Currently I'm running KW V3's with custom linear rate springs. With this setup, my front spring perches actually sit lower than the regular KW V3, so I need to run thicker spacer.

Originally Posted by Roffle Waffle View Post
I like how beefy and meaty the tires look
Thanks! I didn't think I would like the meaty look at first, but it is certainly growing on me and it does look better in person.