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Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
The more I listen to this, the more it sound like it's engine bay. Have you had someone turn the key while you examine the engine bay, perhaps near the throttle, at the same time this sound is heard?

I got a cd stuck in my drive ones, it sort of sounded like that, but it popped out, doesn't sound like you have that issue though.
CD player tested with and without CD. = noise still there both ways
Stereo on (volume low) and stereo off = noise there either way

I'll check the engine bay tomorrow. However, in person the noise sounds like it's inside the dash ( I know it's hard to tell where the noise originates from on video). I made another recording with my video camera to see if the sound is any better than the first video I made with my camera phone.

Here's a link to the second video:

(second 3-4 is the key click from turning)

(second 5 [immediately following the key click] through second 7 is the "problem noise", sounds like thumping/flapping)

(second 10 + is the HVAC systems fan/blower engaging because in this test I had left the HVAC on auto, but as mentioned above HVAC on or off makes no difference with regards to the problem noise)

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