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Post Official: APEX EC-7 wheel thread

APEX is proud to introduce its new EC-7 wheel. This new wheel addresses the concerns of more and more racers and track day enthusiasts: long term durability, fit and performance. With the increase of faster and heavier cars being used in racing, HPDEs, and spirited driving, the EC-7 was designed and engineered to handle extreme abuse on track and street, offer a wide range of direct fitments, while producing a lightweight wheel. The new features offered make the EC-7 the perfect compliment to the APEX ARC-8.

Anthracite Finish Profile 3

An optimized car setup begins with the perfect wheel fitment. Without the perfect offsets, maximum tire widths and the potential of your car are always compromised. With this in mind, the EC-7 has three unique face profiles ranging from shallow to deep concavity resulting in 13 unique 18″ sizes. This wide range of fitments allows for vehicle-specific caliper clearance, offsets, and tire widths, creating the most optimal setup possible.

Available Sizes and Weights:
18x8.5" ET45 - 19.55lbs
18x8.5" ET35 - 20.10lbs
18x9.0" ET42 - 20.75lbs
18x9.0" ET31 - 21.25lbs
18x9.5" ET58 - 20.65lbs
18x9.5" ET43 - 21.55lbs
18x9.5" ET35 - 21.70lbs
18x9.5" ET22 - 21.75lbs
18x10" ET43 - 21.70lbs
18x10" ET33 - 22.50lbs
18x10" ET25 - 22.45lbs
18x10.5" ET27 - 22.50lbs
18x11" ET25 - 23.35lbs

Available Finishes
Race Silver
Satin Black

The EC-7 adds 7 new BMW sizes not available in the ARC-8 design. The 3 face profiles offer maximum concavity and reduced weight. This avoids the common adaptation of a single face profile for unintended fitments or dependency on spacers.

The EC-7′s spoke profile has been designed with a curve to provide additional caliper clearance. It can clear a BBK spacer free on applications where the ARC-8 could not. A significant improvement to the EC-7 is the increased barrel clearance that now allows for the 18″ version of this wheel to properly clear the Brembo 380mm BBK. A detailed list of which wheels can clear which brake kits will be made available.

Anthracite Finish Profile 2

Anthracite Finish profile 1

Just like the rest of the APEX wheel line, the EC-7 is once again produced using the Flow-Forming technique. Flow-forming, which has also been called “roll forging” or “spin forging”, produces a barrel with similar strength to that of a fully forged wheel. This significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass. We’ve produced an even stronger wheel by combining the strength of the lightweight barrel with a more robust face design. The EC-7 welcomes endurance racing and potholes.

Designed for BMW applications, the EC-7 accepts TPMS sensors, factory lug bolts or stud conversion kits, and OEM roundel center caps. All wheels come with APEX center caps.

The EC-7 prototypes have arrived and we will be test fitting on numerous applications (fitment photos to come). After VIA crush testing and certification the expected arrival date for the first batch is July.

Satin Black Finish Profile 3

Satin Black Finish Profile 2

Satin Black Finish Profile 1

Race Silver Finish Profile 3

Race Silver Finish Profile 2

Race Silver Finish Profile 1

This thread will be used as a technical discussion for the fitment of these wheels.

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