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Originally Posted by loyddobbler88 View Post
Hey Everyone, I really apprecite all of you insight, I was away for the past 2 weeks and just now was able to try all of your theories and still no luck. I actually forgot to mention this but it may be of help, the ignition is very stiff when you put the key in and turn it, and it never use to be like that, so you all think it might be the ingnition going bad? Thanks again!
Originally Posted by Dark Schnitzer View Post
Ignition sounds good-( ie:coils), cranking power sounds good.......the lights taking so long to post might be a sign of sensors going intermittent or bad.

If you have a mechanic that can run a diagnostics scan....SOMETHING should show up .

It may end up being something even ECU related.
^This. It could be the ignition, but a scan with a proper set of tools that does a full check of all modules should turn up any faults (current or stored). I'm not talking about a simple OBDII tool, but one that uses the right head unit and BWM software (GT1 or equivalent).