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Question Z4 Slower and Slower at turning over?!?!?

Hey everyone, I've been having this problem with my 2003 z4 that has been getting steadily worse and worse. I've brought it to my mechanic and he cant figure it out either. I'm in desperate need of some good advice, here's the dilema: Everytime I step foot in my car and insert the key and try to turn it on, 1 out of 7 times the engine will actually turnover and start, otherwise its just keeps turning and turning and embarrassing the shit out of you when you are trying to leaving a parking lot. My mechanic told me to turn the Key in the second position until the all the lights come on on the dash and then turn the key all the way from there to start. Well I know that even if this works, its not normal because my car use to always start up as soon as you inserted the key in the ignition and just turned it all the way. However, going by his advice, now when I insert my key in the second position, the stereo comes on and the seat belt light and nothing else for literallly 20-25 seconds!!! And if you try to start the car inbetween that time, it will not turn over. Then finally after 20-25 seconds , WALLA, all the lights come on on the dash and BAM you can turn the key from there and it will start. As I mentioned before its taking longer and longer for the lights to come on the dash to turn the Key. So I hear it might be the immobilizer or ignition going bad, But I am honestly sick of playing trial and error with this car, and Its pissing me off!!! Please If any one knows what this may be or have had this happen to there car, please let me know, I appreciate all the help I can Get !!! Thanksso much
PS!! I made a video of the car doing this, Check it out!! Thanks again :

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