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Originally Posted by zillaZ4 View Post
Thank you very much paintpro... Looks like i'll have to wait until my existing 225 PS2's are worn out before switching over :-) My only remaining question would be, you said 245/40/17 where the 17's aspect ratio is usually 45 (like 225/45/17 i run now). Would a 45 be fine, or do you indeed mean a 40 is what is needed for this setup. Don't mean to nit pick, just want to make sure i have my numbers straight when I decide to pull the trigger on this buy.

Thanks once again, awesome looking wheels.
The 45 number is a percentage of the width. It by itself does say how tall the sidewall is.

45% of 225mm is very similar to 40% of 245mm. There is only a 1% difference it height between the two tires which is more than acceptable in a tire size change. 245/45/17 in comparison is almost 3% taller than stock.