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Ron Stygar

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Originally Posted by Jax543210 View Post
Hi Ron,
What a weird problem. I'd take it into the dealer, but I bet they will not find anything as they are not good a trouble shooting noises that are uncommon and therefore probably claim it's a normal sound, even though it only started the other day, 4 years and 40k miles later.

Do you know how I can get to this fan and where it vents as well as gets fresh air from?

I'm out of ideas as to why all of a sudden it sounds like there is a small door open in my driver's side dash.

Today I disconnected and removed the pipe that runs from the sound generator to the firewall; plugged up the hole in the firewall with a microfiber towel; and did the same to the sound generator. Unfortunately, the noise when I accelerate is still there.

The noise kind of sounds like an electronic whirring sound, somewhere in-between fluid rushing at high pressure through a rubber hose and a CD player searching for a track to play, but it's hard to describe. Someone else may say it sounds like a tiny belt slipping. I can make the noise pulse by pushing the accelerator and making the RPM swing between 2k and 4k rpm. Above those RPM there is too much other noise drowning it out.
I thought it was a M coupe in #1 .