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Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
whats the ideal z4m sizes for no rub in the APEX??? want to jump on this while the GB is on.
18x8.5" ET38 is the easiest front fitment as it's the most conservative. Few BMW models can fit an 18x9" wheel up front that is direct fitment, but the Z4M is one of them. 18x9" ET42 will fit up front with a 245/40/18. For that reason, we recommend the 9" fronts as it's an ideal fitment.

In the rear 18x9.5" ET35, 18x9.5" ET22 and 18x10" ET25 fit. There are pictures on this forum all 3 wheel sizes mounted on the rear of the car.

18x10" ET25 is ideal for the rear as it can fit with a 275/35/18, but you could also mount a 265/35/18 or 265/40/18 back there. The slight stretch on the 265's would match that of the 245's on the 9's aesthetically, and that would improve the rear fender clearance. The stock rear tire size is tall, so a 275/35 or 265/40 works well with that, and the 10" wheels provide the proper sidewall support needed for those widths.

[QUOTERedDotRacer]Group #6
18x9.5 et22 (F)
18x9.5 et35 (R)

Will this work on a z4mc stock setup with no rubbing?To me this would be best for having the concave look on both front and rear.[/quote]

That combination would be mounted the opposite way (ET35 front and ET22 rear) as the perfect spacer free square setup. But 18x9.5" ET35 will not fit up front on a stock Z4M. Negative camber will be needed.

Here's an 18x9.5" ET35 square setup (I'm not sure if rear spacers were used, it does not appear so). This car is using 265/35/18 Michelin Pilot cups all around. This is the ideal track setup for a modified suspension as it is the same setup that most E46 M3 guys use. And the Z4m and E46 M3 are very similar. By running ET35 front and rear, you can rotate, which significantly saves on tire life.

Originally Posted by Beedub
baldtyresid really like to jump on these sizes for the z4m.... are you sure these wont rub?? what tyre sizes are you thinking of running?? im am slightly concerned as i have a BBK, BUT im guessing the extra width will give me that space without having a physically lower offset if you get me...

also OP im in the UK??? how much willing shipping run me?? and will i be able to get a discount on the actual wheels alittle further to offset some of the shipping costs, as im guessing you wont ship internation for free, or am i wrong!! drop me a pm if you prefur.

edit; just seen this thread i guess this wont work for me.. i agree we need the 8.5 and 9.5 options for a track driven car.
The 18x9's will clear your BBK better than the 18x8.5's would. If you have a BBK installed on your car, then you should be going with conservative wheels. You should be running a wheel/tire package that is aggressive as you can go without issue. If you squeeze the same tire sizes onto narrower wheels, you are actually narrowing the contact patch due to tire ballooning, which also results in sloppier transitional response. 245's and 255's belong on a 9" rim for performance applications. What the manufacturer does is not a good reference source.

Because of your rear fitment concern, for your specific application I would run the following:

18x9" ET42 with 245/40/18
18x10" ET25 with 265/40/18 or 265/35/18 rear

If it was my car, I would run 275/35/18's

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