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Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
baldtyresid really like to jump on these sizes for the z4m.... are you sure these wont rub?? what tyre sizes are you thinking of running?? im am slightly concerned as i have a BBK, BUT im guessing the extra width will give me that space without having a physically lower offset if you get me...

also OP im in the UK??? how much willing shipping run me?? and will i be able to get a discount on the actual wheels alittle further to offset some of the shipping costs, as im guessing you wont ship internation for free, or am i wrong!! drop me a pm if you prefur.

edit; just seen this thread i guess this wont work for me.. i agree we need the 8.5 and 9.5 options for a track driven car.

So, as that post shows, yes, you will probably experience a little rubbing if you lower your car and run it on the track.

Here's some quotes from paintpro21 about these wheels, which is the info I was going off of:

18x8.5" et38 wheels fit up front with great ease and either 235/40/18's or 245/40/18's.

18x9.0" et42 wheels also fit up front without the need for a spacer with 245/40/18 tires summer tires.
255/35/18 tires can be run on this size wheel, but a spacer may be needed.
Negative camber and spacers may be required depending on the 255 tire run as r-compounds and extreme summer tires can run wide.

18x9.5" et35 & et22 two offsets available, both work well, but the new et22 offset is the best fit.
They can be run with either 265/35/18 or 275/35/18 street tires or r-compounds.
The 9.5" et35 wheel can also be used up front with 245/35/18's or 255/35/18's with added negative camber.

18x10" et25 fit the rear with 275/35/18's with ease on stock and lowered cars.
R-compounds may have slight rubbing on the inner rear fender liner material.
This is a foam sound deadening material that can easily be trimmed or ignored.
Staggered Setup:
18x8.5" - 235/40/18
18x8.5" - 245/40/18
18x8.5" - 255/35/18
18x9" - 245/40/18 - Popular fitment
18x9" - 255/35/18 - spacer may be needed depending on the tire type used
18x9" - 265/35/18 - spacer needed, thickness depends on tire type used
18x9.5" - 245/40/18 - Spacer and negative camber needed
18x9.5" -255/35/18 - Spacer and negative camber needed
18x9.5" -265/35/18 - Spacer and negative camber needed

18x9.5" - 265/35/18 - Popular fitment
18x9.5" - 275/35/18
18x10" - 275/35/18 - Popular fitment
18x10.5 - 275/35/18 - aggressive fitment
Square Setup:
18x9" Front & Rear with 245/40/18 - Spacer used in the rear
18x9" Front & Rear with 255/35/18 - Spacer used in the rear - Front spacer may be needed depending on tire type used
18x9" Front & Rear with 265/35/18 - Spacer used in the rear - Front spacer needed, spacer thickness depends on tire type used
18x9.5" Front & Rear with 255/35/18 - Front spacer and negative camber needed
18x9.5" Front & Rear with 265/35/18 - Front spacer and negative camber needed
Anyways, go with what you feel comfortable with and what your specific goals are for the car.