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Originally Posted by Beedub View Post
also OP im in the UK??? how much willing shipping run me?? and will i be able to get a discount on the actual wheels alittle further to offset some of the shipping costs, as im guessing you wont ship internation for free, or am i wrong!! drop me a pm if you prefur.

edit; just seen this thread i guess this wont work for me.. i agree we need the 8.5 and 9.5 options for a track driven car.

OP once we can get the rear in 9.5 with mid twentys offset, please drop me a PM so i can buy a set from you.
It was rubbing with the 18x10" because he had lowered the car, should be okay if you are stock. However I would also be more happier about the 9.5" ET22 in rear just because it's 1.1lbs lighter and fits better.

"International members will receive a $75 credit off the actual cost of shipping"

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