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Originally Posted by BaldTyres View Post
The 18x9 for front and 18x10 for rear is probably the most popular, since those won't rub and don't require spacers or negative camber.

baldtyresid really like to jump on these sizes for the z4m.... are you sure these wont rub?? what tyre sizes are you thinking of running?? im am slightly concerned as i have a BBK, BUT im guessing the extra width will give me that space without having a physically lower offset if you get me...

also OP im in the UK??? how much willing shipping run me?? and will i be able to get a discount on the actual wheels alittle further to offset some of the shipping costs, as im guessing you wont ship internation for free, or am i wrong!! drop me a pm if you prefur.

edit; just seen this thread i guess this wont work for me.. i agree we need the 8.5 and 9.5 options for a track driven car.
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