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Update: post #2, Product info has been updated 24 photos and descriptions of the compenents in hand. Racing cats and new hangers should arrive the 22nd, so more to come soon

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Soon to be another awesome thread by crfine88!
thank you sir

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Can't wait to see updates!
I will keep them coming

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Dont forget to take some nice HD shots of the rear end end on the dyno... the race and catless option will be a flamefest on your Supercharged car once it gets warmed up ;-)
Good call, I should have Goodspeed doy the dyno run for me when it is dark out

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By the way... not to get off topic too much but I'm shocked you use Costco gas.
This is by Goodspeeds recommendation. The Costco in Scottsdale is a block away from the shop. According to Jon @ Goodspeed, this particular Costco goes through so much 91 octane that the tanks stay clean and the fuel is never old. It is sort of a pain to fuel up there because the lines are ridiculous every day. Until this recommendation, I have always been a top tier fuel guy too.

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Now this is how you write a thorough product review.

I am looking forward to seeing all your results and impressions even though I don't own an Z4, haha.
Thank you, I will keep the udate coming

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The hangers work for sure in your car
Can't wait to try the new hanger design

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How come? 91 octane is 91 octane. I've used many different brands including the so called top tier and never noticed any sort of difference.
91 because it is the highest octane pump gas I can get in AZ. Lower octane fuel directly affects our cars HP output; low octane will cause higher intake temps/detonation resulting in timing corrections to protect the engine and diminish HP.