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Product Info

DKF Exhaust System Components:

This post will include an overview of each component. The post will be updated regularly. Each time information is updated a corresponding post will be added the end of thread letting everyone know and update has been made. For more in-depth information on the research that went into the system, see the attached link:

The Basic Idea:
All of the combinations of DKF components will make similar power (+/- 5%). Then why the abundance of options you ask? (This is the first question I asked)
The answer is simple…SOUND
There is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to exhaust upgrades… maximum performance.
Then there is one thing that almost no one agrees with when it comes to exhaust upgrades… sound.
This is where I believe DKF may have outdone themselves. There are going to be several different resonators, catalytic converters, race pipes and mufflers offered. In the end we should be able to fine tune and find the exact exhaust note we are looking for. For me it will probably be somewhere on the raw motorsport end of the spectrum.

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Side by Side DKF/OEM:

Name:  pDKF-OEM1.jpg
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Finish:All components have been Jet Hot ceramic coated. Although the finish looks great, the purpose of the ceramic coating goes far beyond appearance.
Short version: The DKF system increased the diameter of the exhaust system to allow for a greater volume of gas to escape. The increased diameter of the exhaust tubing slows the velocity of the exhaust gases; the ceramic coating brings the velocity of the exhaust gases back up to speed. End result; Greater flow and balanced velocity.


With the DKF “Header Back” exhaust system, the connection between the headers and the S-pipe is the only OEM style hardware found. The remaining six connection points utilize racing flanges and racing clamps to optimize flow and limit turbulence.

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-For anyone who has installed exhaust on our cars and worked hard to get the perfect tip alignment, DKF has created a serious solution for this. The hangers allow left to right and up and down adjustment independent of one another. This is a huge improvement when compared to the spherical joint that BWM uses where all alignment relies on the spherical joint and a two bolt flange.

-The hangers have also been designed to dampen and help eliminate drone by using an isolation pad between the hangers and body, isolation mounts between the mufflers and the hangers and isolation washers

-Stainless steel laser welded construction for sereious strength

In a word AWESOME!

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Section 1 components:
The stepped S-pipe is one of two components that make up the “section 1” in the DKF system. The S-pipe is a stepped from 2.25” to 2.50” because of the exhaust valve port size and the timing of the exhaust pulse. In short, the purpose is to carry the highest velocity possible before the next diameter change.

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(the following resonators and straight pipes are options to complete the “section 1” more options will be added as the post is updated)

Street V1 Resonators:
-eliminates the majority of rasp
-maintains maximum performance

Name:  pV1street1.jpg
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Street V2 Resonators:
-completely eliminates rasp
-slightly less performance than the V1

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Attachment 610834

Sport V1 Resonators:
-reduces rasp
-louder than the Street versions

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Race V1:
-open bypass pipe with O2 bungs (bung locations for Euro spec cars or US spec car with relocated rear O2’s)
-no silencer, loudest option

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CTL 100:
-100 Cell Race Cat with O2 bungs

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Section 2 components:

The x-pipe is one of three components that make up the “section 2” in the DKF system. DKF designed the X-pipe with minimal bends and minimized bend angles to pull off the least amount of restriction. The thing that surprised about the X-pipe is the fact that you can see straight through it from one end to other.

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(the following mufflers are options given to complete “section 2” more options will be added as the post is updated)

-The lowest volume option offering better performance than stock, but less than the Sport and Race options
-Work in progress @ DKF, pics will follow

-Resonated with open flow turbine

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Attachment 610820

-Open flow turbine

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Adaptors and Connecting Elements for OEM style Interface:

-Ataptors designed for connecting DKF X-pipe to OEM S-Pipe

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Ressonator to OEM X-pipe:
-Designed to work with OEM and other OEM flange style X-pipe designs

Name:  RestoOEX1.jpg
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Race pipe to OEM X-pipe:
-Designed to work with OEM and other OEM flange style X-pipe designs

Name:  RaceToOEX1.jpg
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