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DKF Exhaust System Testing/Impressions

Hey Zpost, DKF wanted me to let you know that this exhaust project is still very much alive. DKF ran into some speedbumps that they are in the process of ironing out.

A new time line for the group buy will be introduced once everything is worked out.

If there is a Z4 M in the phoenix area with open flow headers that is willing to do some testing, send me a PM.


DKF Exhaust System Testing:

I have gone through many parts on this car in pursuit of fine tuning what suits my build. This is fun & the knowledge gained is rewarding, but that knowledge does not come cheap and money is lost in the process. I am excited about this unique opportunity; In exchange for posting my findings, DKF has given me the ability to "try before I buy." This is perfect, I love working on my M coupe and I only have to pay for what I keep

Here is the breakdown of my game plan for the components I am testing.

At a minimum, I will be working on and posting the following data as I go through this DKF exhaust journey:
-Product info
-Weight Comparisons’
-HD videos
-DB level testing
-DIY for install
-SC tune findings
-Group buy interest and group buy pricing

Product Info:
Product info will include photos and descriptions of each of the components tested

All Dyno's will be performed @ Good Speed Performance Labs. Good Speed is ESS approved for the installation of all ESS tuning products and performed the installations on my VT-1 S/C kit. In addition, Jon at Good Speed played a key role in the development of both the VT-1 and VT-2 kits for our cars working side by side with ESS tuning throughout the process. Jon is single handedly responsible for bringing us a true CAI for our VT kits. All this to say the car will be in good hands and the data will be precise.

All Dynos' performed on my car will be with the VT-1 S/C kit and the OEM European headers (cat less )

All Dynos' will be performed on 91 octane from Costco

I will attempt to perform all Dynos' during similar ambient temperatures

My First Dyno will be Saturday 11/19/11this will be the baseline dyno.
For this dyno I have removed the DKF system and re-installed the OEM S-pipe, X-pipe and mufflers.

The plan following this dyno will be to perform one dyno per week throughout the project.

Weight Comparisons:
Each component I have in my possession will be weighted on a certified & calibrated shipping scale

Photos of each component on the shipping scale will be posted

HD Videos

HD camera model and settings will be posted. Dio and I will be using the same camera and settings for consistency

Videos of several system variations will be posted

Sound DB testing

DB testing will be performed for the systems tested. Results will be posted side by side for compassion

DIY for Install
This will take a great deal of time to complete, but will be finished before the group buy is completed.

The format of the DIY will be like the Exhaust and Splitter DIY done previously

S/C tune findings
As some have expressed concerns about tunes adapting to the DKF s exhaust systems, finding will be posted as testing is completed

Group Buy Pricing & Group Buy Interest

Already working on establishing group buy pricing with DKF, once they release their GB pricing we can start an interested list.

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