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Originally Posted by Donovan303 View Post
Looks like a really nice mod, if only the windows would stay down as the top goes down.

It is the only reason I have not ordered one yet.
The way the Gaptech unit operates is to first put the windows half down, then then the top down, then the windows back up. At any point in this progression, turning the key in the ignition will stop the sequence. I've learned to time my approach to the car so that as I approach I hit the key 3 times, the sequence starts. I get in the car as the top lowers and put the key in the ignition. I wait until the exact moment I hear the top motor stop and the red indicator light in the center console to go off, then turn the key. This keeps the windows at the half-up position. Sometimes I'll leave them there, other times a little flick of the buttons puts them both 100% down. This works for me, and i'm very happy with this mod. Such a simple install.

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