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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
The width would be the concern. It could be made to work, but it would depend on the tire and what is done to the car. If it were a Nitto NT-05 or Hankook RS-3 there would be a high likely hood of an issue just bolted on since it's taller than a 275/35 which many have experience with, and it's wider as well (both height and width impact fender clearance as you move out). added negative camber or a rear fender roll would probably be enough, but there could also be clearance issues on the inside rear requiring a spacer, which in turn will be an issue on the fender side.

I would not recommend it to anyone afraid of doing all that is needed to make it work.
Thanks for the input, I guess I'll go for 9" and 245 in front and 9.5" and 275 in rear then .. they are also lighter than the 10" by a bit.