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Post 2004 Z4 engine undertray repair

I just picked up a used (obviously) 2004 Z4 in Calgary to drive home to Nova Scotia. My first Beemer (other than a Mini Cooper S) and it's a fabulous car. The trip was amazing, but about a day and a half into things the engine under-tray fell down onto the road from its mounts on the front bumper. Slowed down, pulled over, and could manipulate the inner grill into place back on the front bumper, but could not get it to stay up more than a few hundred meters. It never detached from its rear bolted-on location. A friendly Saskatchewan farmer with some #9 wire and some cutters to lend me saved the day and I wired the front end of the under-tray up to the bottom bar of the bumper. This got me all the way home (5000km), but obviously needs to be repaired.

A quick stop at the Beemer dealer in Winnipeg along the way and the techs there thought I might have to replace the whole front bumper because the pins that hold the lower grill (and consequently the under-tray) in place were broken. This seems a bit ludicrous (but they did admire the temporary #9 wire fix!).

I've searched this forum and others but haven't found anyone who has had this happen in this particular way, but as I start exploring fixes (tomorrow), it would sure help if anyone has experienced this problem and could offer some advice or alternatives for the fix. The Techs at the aforementioned Bimmer dealer did not think it was a straightforward replacement...

Thanks in advance for any advice to this Bimmer newbie!