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Originally Posted by -c- View Post
hey guys just updated the DIY with some new info from AirOpsMgr, he just got done with the install and gave some tips!

a big thanks goes out to him.

also stay tuned to the ecu update coming, this should put us at or above SI hp as it will be able to truly recode the ecu using true BMW SI programming on our I ecu's so this will not be a "tuned I software" but a true recode with stock OEM SI tune or tuned SI map running on the I ECU...

very exciting!
Well, the real thanks goes to -C- for the DIY to start with; following the instructions, I had the old manifold out in a few hours (it took a while as I was double and triple checking everything that I disconnected, labeled everything, etc).

The manifold I got (from an 06' 530i) came with lots of extra parts still attached, so I had to remove the things I didn't need and transfer a few things over from my manifold, but didn't take long.

The installation of the new one is pretty straight forward, especially after learning where everythings goes and how it connects; I'd say it was about an hour to put it back together and another 30 mins to turn the engine on, check all the connections, etc. I was pleased to see no warning lights, had no odd or stranges noises ...... the engine actually sounds like its running smoother ..... perhaps a placebo effect, but thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

Once on the road, it was a noticeable improvement; my first gear pegged 7K more quickly than before and could feel the difference in how she pulled harder through the gears (I also have the K&N drop in high-flow filter which helps a bit as well).

I am very eager to get the SI tuned ECU flash, and by the looks of it, -C- is on the right track and it should be coming around pretty soon. I think he is still looking for interested parties for a group buy.......


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