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Originally Posted by Roffle Waffle View Post
Made significant progress. The shop that installed my euro headers had put the secondary sensors in, and left the primaries out. OOPS!

Had to get 2 new primary o2 sensors, since the old ones went bad while hanging out in the air under the hood. I held off on welding in the rear 02s because I was initially told that its not necessary with the ecu tune.

Anyway, it only goes into limp mode at redline, except one time at 5k rpm. BUT not throwing any codes. So likely a tune issue, that I'll either find on the dyno on saturday or earlier if ESS sends the shop a portable unit

So at least I can ALMOST enjoy the car to the fullest... I'll try to grab some video tomorrow. Ordering a boost gauge too..
Glad to hear your close to getting it running well! Must be a lot of frustration, I would be going crazy ha.